Connect your social media - Discord (Beta)

Here are the steps to follow to connect Discord to Bodyguard

1) From the Dashboard Settings page, click on the source connection link (blue plug in the details options). A new tab opens, click on the button:  


2) Then a new tab opens with the user connection Discord interface. Click on "Authorize"


3) A screen with a list of all servers appears. Click on the server you want to connect to:


4) You'll be redirected to Discord to add the bot to the server. Make sure that the server listed is the Bodyguard one and click on "Continue"


5) Accept all permissions requests. Then, Click on "Authorize":

 ⚠️ If in the future you remove one of the permissions, then the Bodyguard bot won’t be able to moderate your content. 


6)Then, if the connection is successful, this message appears: 

7) Now, go back to the source tab of the Dashboard and make sure that your source has the protection enabled (The protection toggle is in blue). The comments will start appearing in a few minutes here