Reconnect multiple sources at once

If you are the admin of several pages, you can re-connect everything at once


  • The user has to be an admin of the pages that have to be refreshed.
  • The token generated at step 7 is valid only for 1 hour.


Step 1:

Open this link and click on Connect with Facebook :

💡 Login with your Facebook credentials if needed.



Step 2:

On the Facebook login page, 2 buttons are displayed:

  • If the Cancel button is displayed, click on Continue as …
  • If the Edit Settings button is displayed, click on it


Step 3:

  • Select all the Instagram accounts that were previously synced with Bodyguard.

  • Click the Next button.


Step 4:

  • Select all the pages that were previously synced with Bodyguard

  • Click the Next button


Step 5:

  • Make sure all the permissions are enabled

  • Click the Done button


Step 6:

  • Click the OK button


Step 7:

  • Click on Copy my token.
  • Share this token with your Bodyguard's contact as soon as possible, its validity lasting one hour only.