Connect your social media - Facebook

How to connect your Facebook Page to your Bodyguard dashboard.

Follow the steps below to connect one or more Facebook Pages to your dashboard.


The only requirement is that the Facebook page must be a Business one.

For that, you need to :

If the Business page requires Two Factor Authentication, the user (admin) also needs to enable Two Factor Authentication for its own account to have permission moderating with Bodyguard.


1. Go to the Bodyguard Dashboard and log in with your credentials.


2. Click on the Settings button (wheel button on the top right corner).


3. In the menu, select Sources.



Option 1 : you perform the connection. Click on the connection button.

Option 2 : someone else performs the connection. 

Click on the button below, and share the copied link to the person who will connect the source.


Both actions will open a new secured tab on the Facebook website.


5. Click on Continue As ...



6. Select all the Pages you wish to connect to
then click Next.

Facebook eng-05


7. Make sure all permissions are activated so can protect your accounts
then click Done.

Facebook eng-06


8. Confirm by clicking on OK.



9. Select the first Facebook Page you wish to protect.




If you only have one Facebook Page you need to protect, you have successfully connected your Facebook Page to

Congratulations! You and your community are now protected by our technology.


If you have other Facebook Pages that are still not connected, please continue reading.


10. To connect another page, go back to Settings > Sources and select Connect source.



11. Click on Continue As ...



12. Select the second Facebook Page you wish to protect.



13. Both your pages are now protected!

You can be sure they are protected because both protection toggles are activated.



To connect more than two Facebook Pages,
please select all the Pages you wish to protect in Step 6, then repeat Steps 10 to 13 to connect each Page to its Source.

If you have any trouble, please contact