Connect your social media - Twitch

How to connect your Twitch channel to your Bodyguard Dashboard.

Follow the steps below to connect a Twitch channel to your Dashboard.


  • Live protection is launched automatically
  • In Twitch, Bodyguard moderation is represented as a bot that will act as a moderator. To be sure that the Bodyguard bot is active, it is strongly recommend to follow the Part 2 at the beginning of every live streaming.

Part 1 : Connect your Twitch Channel to your dashboard


1. Go to the Bodyguard Dashboard and log in with your credentials.


2. Click on Settings


3. In the menu, select Sources.



Option 1 : you perform the connection. Click on the connection button.


Option 2 : someone else performs the connection. 

Click on the button below, and share the copied link to the person who will connect the source.


Both actions will open a new secured tab on the Twitch website.


5. Read the instructions and click on Authorize.



6. Your channel is now protected!

You can make sure it is protected by checking if the blue toggle is activated.


Part 2 : Activate your moderation from Twitch

The Bodyguard bot needs to be manually promoted to moderator directly from the Twitch platform.


1. Go to your Twitch Channel and open the chat

2. Type in chat

/mod bodyguard_app


    You can verify if 'bodyguard_app' is in the list of moderators by typing in chat 


    3. You are all set

    The Bodyguard bot will now automatically join your chat and moderate whenever you start a live stream!

    You can be sure it is protected because the protection toggle is activated.


    If you have any trouble, please contact