Connect your social media - YouTube

How to connect YouTube to your Bodyguard Dashboard.

Follow the steps below to connect your Youtube Channel to your Dashboard.


  • People under 13 can’t have comments on their page.

  • Live sessions are automatically moderated, but moderation can take up to 5 minutes to start after the session launch.

  • Please be careful: we can't retrieve comments and moderate if "made for kids" is enabled in your channel's settings.
    • Click on your profile picture
    • Click on “Your channel”
    • Click on “Customize your channel”
    • On the left menu, click on “Parameters”
    • Click on “Channel”
    • Go to “Advanced Settings”
    • On this page, deactivate the option “Made for kids”


1. Go to the Bodyguard Dashboard and log in with your credentials.


2. Click on Settings.


3. In the menu, select Sources.



Option 1 : you perform the connection. Click on the connection button.


Option 2 : someone else performs the connection. 

Click on the button below, and share the copied link to the person who will connect the source.


Both actions will open a new secured tab on the Google login website.


5. All permissions are activated so can protect your accounts,
Click on Allow.



6. Your Youtube Channel is now protected!

You can be sure it is protected because the protection toggle is activated.


If you have any trouble, please contact